“America First!” with Nick Fuentes is now permanently banned from YouTube

Ryan Holt
14 February 2020

The controversial paleo-conservative commentator’s channel has been taken down for hate speech violations.

Friday morning, Nick Fuentes’ YouTube Channel was replaced with the following screen:

America First With Nick Fuentes Banned From Youtube

Fuentes’ channel was demonetized by Youtube last month after receiving several violations, even citing videos that Fuentes had long deleted, likely resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars a year for Fuentes.

The channel he amassed nearly 80,000 subscribers and 3 million views since 2014, according to SocialBlade.

America First! Is still not completely dead, though. The show will still be streaming nightly at DLive.

Fuentes still has an active Twitter account. His online presence has seen a recent crackdown. A subreddit for the show was removed from Reddit in November. Discussing Fuentes is not allowed on /r/conservatives.

Then controversial conservative has been the subject of scrutiny lately after announcing the The America First Political Action Conference, an event catered to the far-right that features other right wing speakers such as Michelle Malkin.

Fuentes has been considered “alt-right” by many mainstream conservative figures, who cite his views on Israel, homosexuality, and gender roles as extreme. He has been panned as a holocaust denier for joking about he subject, but Fuentes has stated that he believes the holocaust did occur.

Ryan Holt, The Divide