CORONAVIRUS: Over 100 Die of the Virus in ONE DAY, Total Rises to 1,018

Emily K Becker
12 February 2020

The Centers for Disease Control also announced the total of infected Americans rose to 13.

103 people died of Coronavirus in China on Tuesday, the highest number of deaths in one day from Coronavirus. The previously highest number of Coronavirus related deaths in 24 hours was 97 last week.

There have been 1,018 Coronavirus-related deaths in total so far.

Only 2 out of 1,018 deaths so far have been outside of China. About 500 of the over 43,000 cases are outside of China.

The CDC is reporting that a 13th American has contracted the virus.

Of the 200 American quarantined evacuees from Wuhan, China, only one has contracted the Coronavirus and remains in quarantine.

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The global pandemic has drawn parallels to SARS, the virus that killed about 1 in 10 people who developed symptoms.

In about 1 in 50 cases of the new Coronavirus, symptoms are fatal.

While less deadly, the virus is said to be easier to spread and transmit, like a common cold.

USA Today reported on Tuesday that Chinese health workers are complaining of a shortage of diagnostic resources for patients. Testing those for the virus has become much more difficult with scarce supplies.

The World Health Organization has dispatched a team to China to coordinate an international effort to contain and prevent the spread of the virus. The global pandemic is a particularly Chinese emergency.

Emily K Becker, The Divide
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