Germany: Over 34% of criminals are non-citizens

Emily K Becker
22 February 2020

Over 165,000 crimes were committed by migrants.

The latest BKA crime report revealed that over 34.5% of crime suspects in Germany are not German.

The official crime report is released annually, and presents all statistical data and other information related to crime in Germany.

The statistics cover the year 2018, the latest available data.

Germany had a total of 1,931,079 criminal suspects in 2018, with 599,357 of them being non-German.

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Migrants account for about 9% of all crime suspects.

Over 165,000 crimes were committed by specifically migrants. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Morocco top the list of migrant offenders by country of origin, in that order.

Turkish nationals topped the list of non-migrant/non-German offenders, followed by Syrian and Romanian citizens.

You can view the official report here.

Emily K Becker, The Divide
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