State of the Union and the End of Impeachment: Trump's Next 48 Hours

Emily K Becker
04 February 2020

Trump: We're really looking to giving a very, very positive message

With his impeachment exoneration on the horizon, President Donald Trump has an opportunity to make his argument to the American people at this year's State of the Union. Trump may lash out at his Democratic opponents who impeached him in the House, who will all be in attendance, along with all members of the Senate, who are almost certain to acquit the president.

Aides to the president told Reuters that the president may use the widely-watched primetime coverage of his speech to vent and lash out at his political enemies. Those close to the president are advising him to avoid conflict and focus making a case for the next 4 years. There is a debate among Trump's advisors whether or not he should even elaborate on impeachment.

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The State of the Union is on Tuesday night. The following day, the Senate is due to finalize the impeachment proceedings and clear Trump of any indictment on Wednesday. Trump has described his plans for the speech as optimistic and visionary in a time of great polarization, telling reporters on Sunday “We’re really looking to giving a very, very positive message.”

The President will touch on healthcare, infastructure, and immigration, officials said. He plans on contrasting his healthcare plan with the public option-style proposals from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He is also planning on celebrating his efforts to limit illegal immigration and recent national security actions he has taken, including the deaths of terrorist leaders and tensions with Iran.

Emily K Becker, The Divide
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