After a Great Week, Trump Purges White House Staffers

Ryan Holt
07 FEBRUARY 2020

After finalizing an impeachment trial and an acquittal, President Trump is looking to change up his staff this week, plans that include replacing his chief of staff and firing an official who testified against him.

Trump has had an exceptional week, seeing his highest Gallup approval rating yet after delivering the State of the Union address the day after being acquitted in his impeachment trial. On top of it all, the President is purging the White House of staffers.

Bloomberg News is reporting that the president will remove the White House National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert and Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. Vindman testified against Trump during the impeachment trial.

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The Washington Post is reporting that Trump has also discussed removing other national security officials who sided or cooperated the Democrats’ impeachment efforts.

Jennifer Williams, a senior white noise aide who also testified against Trump, has exited the administration earlier this week.

Tony Sayegh and Pam Bondi, two White House aides, have left following the end of the impeachment trial.

Aside from impeachment, the president is concerned over how the White House handles sensitive information going forward, after a whistleblower sparked the impeachment process by filing a complaint based on a call Trump had with the leader of Ukraine, president Zelensky. The president has had trouble with trust in an administration rampant with leaks and betrayal.

Ryan Holt, The Divide
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