HAUNTING: Wuhan Cries Out in Agony and Protest [VIDEO]

Emily K Becker
07 FEBRUARY 2020

The city is even further on edge after the death of a whistleblower doctor.

A disturbing new video has emerged of the citizens of coronavirus-plagued epicenter Wuhan, China screaming out in protest and agony.

Tensions are even worse after the death of a whistleblower doctor who was silenced when warning about the virus before it became a global pandemic:

Wuhan Doctor Who Warned About Coronavirus Dies From Killer Virus, China Erupts In Grief & Anger

Is it too late now to say sorry? As the whistleblower Chinese doctor makes his final journey, an entire nation seethes at the injustice and insult meted out to Dr Li Wenliang. Dr Li was one of the very first whistleblowers in China who cautioned people about a SARS-like illness snaking its way into the country way back in December 2019.

You can see the haunting videio here:

Emily K Becker, The Divide
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