Germany: Over 34% of criminals are non-citizens

The latest BKA crime report revealed that over 34.5% of crime suspects in Germany are not German. The official crime report is released annually, and presents all statistical data and other information related to crime in Germany. The statistics cover the year 2018, the latest available data.


Did Ilhan Omar marry her brother? Now the FBI wants to know. The evidence, her response, and more

What started out as a "conspiracy theory" started by a right wing activist who has been banned off of every major social media platform is now a major story getting mainstream media traction and attention from the FBI.

'Viral' Video: Chinese military scientist describes editing a Coronavirus into a bio-weapon in 2018 TV news segment

A clip from a Chinese television news show has been circulating the net recently, causing a stir over it's chilling modern-day relevance. It features a segment on weaponizing viral outbreaks. The host of the show talks with Chen Hu, a former Chinese military scientist.

Paris, France: 40% of criminals are foreign-born

Crime statistics published by French news agency Le Figaro reported that about 40% of suspects in crimes are born outside of France. Some parts of Paris see higher percentages, with as much as 47% of crimes being committed by foreigners.

Chinese telecom company Huawei spied on American businesses, aided N. Korea and Iran

The United States Justice Department announced criminal charges against Huawei and its sub-companies on Thursday. Prosecutors for the Justice Department out of Brooklyn, New York presented an indictment that alleges the company has stolen data from American business competitors, and aided Iran in its efforts to clamp down on government-opposition protests in the Iranian capital of Tehran.


"America First!" with Nick Fuentes is now permanently banned from YouTube

Friday morning, Nick Fuentes' YouTube Channel was replaced with the following screen: Fuentes' channel was demonetized by Youtube last month after receiving several violations, even citing videos that Fuentes had long deleted, likely resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars a year for Fuentes.

Venezuela: President Guaido's uncle arrested, Maduro blamed

The uncle of Juan Guaido was arrested on charges of smuggling explosive material onto an airline on Friday. Juan Jose Marquez was arrested on his return to Venezuela after aiding his nephew on an international tour.

Wuhan blogger Chen Qiushi criticized the government's Coronavirus response- then vanished

Qiushi's videos are popular- his original video posts have millions of views, and even reposts of his vlogs with subtitles amass thousands of views for other users on YouTube. The 34-year-old Chinese lawyer/blogger was staying in Wuhan, China, when the city was locked down.

Starbucks Runs Ad Featuring Gender Transitioning Teen in UK [VIDEO]

The company added that they hope the campaign will 'address the transgender community's lack of representation in UK advertising.' Starbucks is running a new video ad campaign in the United Kingdom that follows a transgender youth during a gender transition.

CORONAVIRUS: First American Dies in China

The amount of those killed by the virus has increased to 722. An American is the first non-Chinese person to die of the coronavirus disease. The American was 60 years old.

Haunting: Wuhan Cries Out in Agony and Protest [VIDEO]

The city is even further on edge after the death of a whistleblower doctor. A disturbing new video has emerged of the citizens of coronavirus-plagued epicenter Wuhan, China screaming out in protest and agony.

Pete Buttigieg Has Tense Exchange at Town Hall Event Over Cutting Aid to Israel Comments [VIDEO]

The mayor has previously stated he would cut off aid if Israel continued expanding.

After a Great Week, Trump Purges White House Staffers

After a Great Week, Trump Purges White House Staffers. After finalizing an impeachment trial and an acquittal, President Trump is looking to change up his staff this week, plans that include replacing his chief of staff and firing an official who testified against him.

WEST BANK VIOLENCE: Israeli Forces Kill Two Teenage Palestinian Protestors, Man Drives Car Into Israeli Soldiers

Israeli forces shot and killed 17 year old Palestinian Mohammed al-Hadad, who was among a goup of protestors in the West Bank Wednesday night. Witnesses say he was killed protesting in Hebron, a city in the West Bank. Israeli spokesman's office said that al-Hadad was among a group of demonstrators who were throwing rocks and "hurled a molotov cocktail" at Israeli forces.

AOC Skips State of the Union, Democrat Women Wear White in Protest, Scream and Shout [VIDEO]

Speaker Pelosi also ripped up the president's speech. Democrat congresswomen wore white during President Trump's State of the Union speech in protest for what they describe as an administration that pushes "immoral" and "misogynistic" policies.